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If your ‘Big Day’ is approaching but you are short on ideas for designing your wedding templates? Look no further because we have jotted down everything that you need to know for creating the perfect wedding template. Deciding the wedding invitation template for your day requires more time and effort as compared to picking up the designer dresses or shoes. The biggest hurdle that the majority of the couples face while designing their wedding templates is to stay traditional or go a bit on the modern side?

All this trouble is due to the mere fact that wedding invitations play a key role in making any wedding ceremony look perfect. Wedding invitations gave the first impression of your upcoming ‘big day’ to your family and friends. Therefore, you should pay proper attention to their designs and wordings. Here at the general queen, we do our utmost to bring you the latest ongoing trends that can make your life better. So, to help you in creating the most astounding wedding templates, we have gathered some information after thorough research. We know that for a woman, all the small details matter, therefore, after trying our best, we came up with the following suggestions.

Wedding Template Themes or Styles

Wedding Template Themes
Image by: Flickr

There are many wedding templates themes or styles from which you can choose your template form. For instance:

  • Floral
  • Rustic
  • Modern
  • Traditional
  • Vintage
  • Fairytale
  • Beach Bash
  • Springtime
  • Formal
  • Sophisticated
  • Indian
  • Your pictures one
  • Fiesta
  • Hawaiian etc.

No matter whichever theme you choose to follow, make sure that it goes well with your wedding theme.

☛ Tips For Choosing The Best Wedding Template:

Here are some of the tips using which you can hopefully create your perfect wedding template.

☛ Decide The Colors:

Image by: Pxhere

The first and far most important step in creating any wedding template is to decide on the color theme. The color theme used for the wedding template depicts the theme of your wedding ceremony. Therefore, it is advisable to choose your wedding template color wisely.

☛ Choosing The Right Wording:

wording for wedding  invitation cards
Image by: Flickr

Choosing the right, traditional yet inspiring wordings for your wedding template is very important. For this, you can mix the traditional wedding invitation verses with a few of your wordings. This way, you can stay both traditional and modern at the same time. For your convenience, we have put up some unique wording layouts which can give you a rough idea.

traditional wedding invitation template
Image by: Flickr

This one is a typical traditional wedding invitation template that most of the people follow.

However, in the above wedding template, you can easily guess from the wording that the wedding ceremony is going to be a beach-themed one. It is a perfect example of tradition with a pinch of modernization.

Whereas, this wedding template wordings and design are simple yet elegant and classy. We hope that these three examples of wedding invitation templates will give you a rough idea — use which you can create your unique wording for your wedding templates.

☛ Follow The Wedding Invitation Etiquette:

As per traditions, it is customary to send wedding invites six to eight weeks before your ‘big day.’ Therefore, you have to ensure that your wedding templates are ready for posting one or two months before your wedding.

☛ Make Sure That Your Dates are Correct:

wedding templates
Image by: Flickr

One of the serious mistakes that people make while making their wedding templates is the mentioning of the wrong date. To avoid such errors, we advise that you should double-check your wedding templates thoroughly before printing them.

You need to follow these tips to make sure that your wedding goes disaster-free. It is because at our weddings we expect our family and friends living far away to be there. So, to ensure their presence, you have to notify them beforehand.

There are many ways in which you can create the perfect wedding template for your special day. You can either opt for DIY wedding invitation templates or choose one of the experts present in the market. After going through different online wedding invitation template stores, we found a violet wedding store on Etsy. If you want to get your wedding invitation templates from an expert, we suggest that you should check out Violet Wedding Store at

Wedding Template Designs

Here are some of the wedding template designs that you can consider while deciding for your wedding invitation templates.

  • Simple Black and White:

black and white wedding invitation theme

This wedding template is well suited for any wedding theme because it gives a simple yet classy look. Moreover, you can also play a little with your template wordings to make it more distinctive.

  • Floral Pink:

floral pink wedding invitation theme

If you are going for a floral theme, then this wedding invitation template is perfect for you. This invitation template is an accurate depiction of smooth and sophisticated taste.

wedding invitation template

This one is another elegant wedding invitation template for couples who want a floral theme for their wedding templates.

  • Burgundy Flowers:

Burgundy flowers wedding invitation template

You can easily use this wedding invitation with burgundy flowers for any wedding theme because it gives a neat appeal.

  • Greenery Eucalyptus:

Greenery Eucalyptus wedding invitation

As we all know that Greenery eucalyptus is a symbol of chastity and virtue. Therefore, they are known as the queen of flowers. Having a white lily on your wedding invite show the true meaning of a marriage that is an artlessness, pure, and sweet relation between souls.

  • Floral Rustic Wedding Template:

Floral Rustic wedding template

If you want to go for a modern rustic floral look, then this wedding template is the perfect pick for you.

☛ DIY Wedding Invitation Templates:

However, if you’re short on budget but want to create the best-looking wedding invitations, then we have the perfect option for you. There are many online websites that offer free printable wedding templates. You can easily search for these sites on the internet and create a wedding template for your ‘big day’ by yourself.

Follow these simple steps and create the most fantastic wedding templates:

  • Select the size of your wedding invitation.
  • Pick a theme that is matching to your wedding day theme.
  • Choose an image; if you want to put one of yours, you can do so.
  • Decide the typography style; it includes your proposed fonts and writing styles.
  • Lastly, download the template print it or share it online.

We hope that these tips and information will be helpful to you in creating your fantastic wedding template. Moreover, for more fabulous ideas, keep on visiting our blog.


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