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Oahu has some of the best off roading trails in the entire state, but before you prep your truck tires and load your bed up with gear, there are a few things you should know about the island ahead of time.

Guide to Off Roading Trails in Hawaii

Use this guide to prep for your trailblazing adventures in this tropical location.

* You Might Need a Permit:

Before you hit any of the trails in Oahu or the entire state of Hawaii for that matter, realize you may need a permit. This is thanks to many off-roaders who not only entered state parks illegally but who ruined natural preserves but cutting ruts with their off-road wheels or dropping trash anywhere they saw fit. Contact the park you wish to travel ahead of time to learn more about permit requirements.

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* Many Oahu Trails Are…Scary:

Scary Oahu off roading Trails
Image by: Flickr

It sounds juvenile to say, but there’s no other better word to describe the heart-stopping nature of some of the trails in Oahu. Take, for instance, Pali Highway, which requires you to white-knuckle your way across one of the steepest trails in the state. The payoff? 360-panoramic views of the Ko’olau mountains.

There is also Ka’ena Point, which is so treacherous it now requires permits and a guide to traverse. Kamehameha Highway may seem docile at first, but in the right conditions, the surf grows dangerous enough to give you the willies.

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* Be Prepared To Do More Than Ride:

The thing about the trails in Oahu is that they grab your attention. You may enter to ride so hard as to need to shop for new truck parts Oahu directly afterward, or of blazing new trails and making a name for yourself. However, the scenes will grab your attention and force you to slow down. That is something not many trails can accomplish. Make the most of your adventures and give in to your urge to stop and stare for a while.

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