How to Wear Pearls for Fun and Fashion

In its Spring 2020 issue, Harper’s Bazaar declared pearls as one of the top 5 jewelry trends for this year. Surprised?

You may associate pearl jewelry with your elderly grandmother, but pearls are classic gems that can also be quite trendy. There are many different types of pearl jewels to choose from, as well as many different shades of pearl colors. What counts is that you know how to wear pearls and incorporate them into your style.

Want to know the latest in how to wear pearls? Here’s how to style your pearl choices for both fun and fashion.

Strands of Pearls:

Strands of Pearls
Image by: Pickpik

Worn by royalty, and by Audrey Hepburn, strands upon strands of pearls, often tied together with a large clasp, are not only chic but speak of bold sophistication. The drama created by many strands makes this style a step above the traditional single string. Wear them with a black dress, or an open-collar shirt and heels to add even more class.

Earrings Featuring Pearls:

You might have heard of the famous painting, “Girl with a Pearl Earring” created in 1665. The artist featured a young girl in a blue turban, but all the attention in the piece is at her profile, adorned with one luminous pearl earring. The simplest of pearl-drop earrings can make a statement unless you prefer something less dainty.

One thing you may not know about pearls is that they usually are NOT round, but appear in many different shapes. For example, the “Baroque” pearl is a chunkier stone, and, coupled with a gold accent, makes an ordinary ring or necklace even more striking and unique.

Another elegant look that can be paired with any style of clothes is the single long dangling earring. You can keep it simple with one single dangling pearl, or add many different-sized stones at the bottom end.

Different Ways to Wear Pearls:

Different Ways to Wear Pearls
Image by: Pikist

There’s no need to confine your pearls to earrings, bracelets, or necklaces. Pearls are so trendy now that designers are adding them to clothing, handbags, hair accessories, and even sneakers.

Pairing pearl-studded shoes with slacks, or wearing a business jacket embellished with pearl studs or buttons is a new and intriguing way to adorn yourself with this gem. The most dramatic way to wear pearls is to combine them with styles that would never be approved of back in the day. Examples include pearls with vintage tee’s, pearls with leather, and pearls with distressed denim.

No need to save your vintage pearls for church or dinner with the in-laws, since today, pearls are welcome anywhere.

Pearls Are Never Passé:

When you wear pearls, you are choosing something classic, but not outdated. Pearls are making a comeback in a thousand ways, and everyone should own at least two or three pearl pieces that are well-cared for, to hand down over the years.

But, whether vintage or ultra-modern, white or dark, pearls should be an integral part of your fashion collection.

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