5 Hottest Fashion Jewelry Trends

The jewelry industry exceeded $202.780 billion in 2019 alone. Learning about recent fashion jewelry trends will help you spend your money better.

Experts predict that by 2025, the jewelry market will reach $218.750 billion. As more people awaken to the greatness of jewelry, certain trends will surface and light up the fashion world. 2020 has been a rough year. Getting hip to hot jewelry trends will have a positive impact on your style, outlook, and confidence.

5 Hottest Fashion Jewelry Trends

Here are five current fashion jewelry trends you should know about:

1. Punk’s Not Dead:

Look out for a consistent punk theme in some of the fashion jewelry trends for 2020. Christian Siriano’s collection for Fall/Winter 2020 featured edgy silver chains as accessories and accent pieces. If you’ve ever wanted to experiment with thicker necklace chains or fashion chains in general, 2020 is the time to do it. Punk rock chokers are also making a comeback. This includes everything from 90s tattoo chokers to full-on spiked collars.

2. Charm Necklaces:

Charm Necklaces
Image by: Piqsels

Multiple models wore charm necklaces and bracelets at the Zimmermann show for Fall/Winter 2020. The charm necklaces were long, sparkling statement pieces that demonstrated how this simple type of jewelry lights up a whole outfit. For these reasons, charm necklaces count as one of the hottest fashion jewelry trends.

Making a unique, personalized charm necklace is a fun DIY project. Nonetheless, knowing how to choose the right length for your chain involves considering multiple factors. Learn more about choosing the right necklace length for yourself at the aforementioned link.

3. More Pearls Please:

More Pearls Please
Image by: Pikrepo

Pearls add a layer of elegance to any outfit. As 2020 comes to a close, jewelry pieces with creative pearl designs are especially popular. So are pearl earrings, but with a twist like long, dangling chains or rose gold settings.

On the runways, models are wearing layered pearl necklaces for a refined yet dramatic look. You don’t even need real pearl necklaces to do this—imitation pearls also do the trick.

4. Chunky Gold Jewelry:

Chunky Gold Jewelry
Image by: Pixnio

When it comes to fall fashion jewelry trends, think big, bold, and gold. Chunky gold pieces are hot right now, which is why so many models have been sporting thick gold chains recently. This trend includes large hoop earrings and anything with tubular gold designs.

Look for gold jewelry with chunky chains and pronounced statement pieces/pendants. Pieces like these bring any outfit to life, including basic ones.

5. Big Gemstone Rings:

Big Gemstone Rings
Image by: Pixabay

Think big and bold again, but with gemstones instead. Cocktail rings with large gemstones are one of the high fashion jewelry trends you’ll find people wearing in everyday life. They’re creative, colorful, and beautiful.

Feel free to choose a gemstone ring based on your birthday. However, you could also make your choice based on color, durability, or even spiritual properties.

* Dazzle the World with Fashion Jewelry Trends:

Sapphire, one of the main birthstones of the year, represents September, love, fidelity, and commitment. Wearing a sapphire cocktail ring would be taking the most recent fashion jewelry trends to the next level.

Wearing sapphire jewelry is good for refocusing your energy to complete tasks. Researching the effects of other gemstones will tell you what kind of gemstone(s) you need in your life. Get the inspiration you’re looking for—read more of our fashion and beauty articles. It’ll motivate you to revamp your whole look.

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