As of 2020, there are roughly 6,146 hospitals in the United States. A significant percentage of these hospitals are private practices.

If you run a private practice, chances are you’re always looking to provide the best services in your area. Patients are always on the lookout for medical facilities that they can count on for the best care any time they need it.

One way to keep in touch with your patients at any given time is by investing in a medical office answering service. Keep in mind that, as a medical practitioner, your work doesn’t stop when you close your doors. Your patients may have medical emergencies and questions during the weekends and after your work hours, and they turn to the phone for help.

A medical answering service ensures that calls from your patients don’t go answered or aren’t directed to the voicemail. It ensures that each of your patients receives the personal service they highly desire.

In this post, we’ll show you why outsourcing a doctor answering service can take your medical practice to the next level. Read on to learn more.

1. It Saves You Money

Every minute a member of your staff spends on the phone is time that could have been used doing more important tasks. Of course, you could still hire more staff to help handle your call volume, but that means investing in additional infrastructure and a higher wage bill. In other words, it’s an expensive option.

The best alternative is to hire a medical office answering service. Such a service provides several cost-saving options, including:

One Point of Contact

Without a medical answering service, you’d have to hire a receptionist at each of your locations to take calls. A medical office answering service, on the other hand, serves as the sole point of contact for your medical practice.

Reduced Employee Costs

This one is obvious. With fewer employees, you spend less money on salaries, insurance, training, paid leave, etc.

2. You Get to Protect Your Physicians’ Privacy and Personal Time

Your physicians need time to relax, recover, and connect with their families. This way, they can be more productive during their work hours.

Unfortunately, medical emergencies are unpredictable, and a physician may have to handle medical issues during their time off. A medical answering service outsourcing makes it possible for patients to speak with trained health experts after hours. These health professionals can then evaluate whether a call is urgent enough to transfer to one of your physicians or an issue they can address.

The result is that your physicians get to enjoy their private time without neglecting your patients during their time of need.

3. You Can Reduce Hold Time

You understand that each of your patients has a busy life and want to answer their calls as quickly as possible. But your medical practice is busy too. That means that you can’t answer every call immediately.

Hiring an answering service enables you to carefully filter all of your patients’ calls and redirect them to a call center. This way, no call is placed on hold. Live operators act as an extension to your medical office customer service, enabling you to address all of your patient’s needs in a reasonable time.

4. You Get to Provide Day and Night Live Answer Availability

While many patients may try to call your office during office hours, some don’t. Most people feel that practice should adapt to their schedule, not the other way around.

We live in an increasingly 24-hour world where people work different shifts. Some of your patients work during the weekends. Either way, people expect someone to answer any time they call your office.

The last thing you want is to let your patient’s down. A doctor’s answering service makes sure that it never happens.

5. You Become HIPAA Compliant

The privacy of your patients is vital and highly regulated by the government. The HIPAA stipulates that medical practices closely guard and monitor patient health information.

Given that all calls made through your medical answering service are always recorded and time-stamped, you get to keep accurate, irrefutable records. In case need be, you can always produce these records.

Of course, it’s essential that you choose only a HIPAA-compliant doctor answering service. You need to outsource from someone you can trust with patient records. Keep in mind that if an answering service violates any of HIPAA’s requirements, you are liable for the breach of privacy.

6. You Stay Ready for Emergency Situations

Disasters are nothing new in America. Hurricanes, flooding, snowstorms, fires, and regional pandemics occur all the time. During these emergency situations, you must maintain your practice’s operations.

Understandably, you may not be able to open your practice’s doors during a disaster. Still, it’s important to keep your lines open. That’s because your employees and patients will most likely need to communicate with you. A medical office answering service can ensure that people who need to communicate with you are served appropriately.

7. Boost Patient and Staff Satisfaction

All the benefits we’ve outlined above help enhance the patient’s experience. With more efficient communication, your patients don’t have to spend time waiting during phone calls or appointments. They can always reach you and get the answers or help that they need.

Your doctors have the opportunity to rest during their personal time without neglecting your patients, which ultimately increases productivity. In no time, you’ll have everyone recommending your facility.

Boost Your Practice With a Medical Office Answering Service

Hiring a medical office answering service helps you manage calls and provide call options that are ideally tailored to your practice. Your patients receive the assistance they need whenever they need it. Your medical staff also get to benefit from having their personal time protected.

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