New Gmail

New Gmail:

The Inbox by Gmail is an excellent place for experimenting with various new ideas. This includes the snoozing emails to later and the latest AI-powered experiences, for instance, the Smart Reply, Nudges as well as the high priority notifications. These ideas enable you always to be productive.

It is now four years since the Inbox by Gmail was launched as it was launched in 2014. In this period, they have learned how to make the emails to be better. In addition, they have achieved favorite Inbox experienced which have been added to the Gmail. As a result, more than a billion people can get more of done by using their emails daily. As they are a focus on the future, they look forward to a more focused approach which will allow them to bring the perfect email experience to all the people. They are as well planning to focus on the Gmail and forget the Inbox Gmail mainly. This idea will be started at the end of March 2019.
In April this year, they introduced a new Gmail.

In this new Gmail, it still incorporates most features that most people have liked just like in the Inbox. Also, it has some new features such as the Smart Compose that has allowed drafting the emails to be quick. In the new Gmail, it has been packed with additional features that will enable the users to accomplish and prioritize everything from the inbox. This is a good idea since it has been estimated that they send and receive more than 100 emails each day. With such volumes, it becomes tough for them to always focus on what matters. In this post, you can read more information concerning how the features in the Gmail have been useful in the managing of your inbox.

Since the changes are more challenging for most people, they have created a transition guide. This will help the users to switch from the inbox to the new Gmail without any struggle. You will find all your conversation in the Gmail.


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