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Earlier this month, Pantone announced Classic Blue as its annual Color of the Year for 2020. The design company cites this pure, true color’s associations with connection, calm, and stability, indicating the importance of these qualities as we surge forward into an unprecedented modern era. Draw inspiration from top interior designers when contemplating how to incorporate this traditional hue into your existing aesthetic.

Incorporate Pantone Color Into Your Decor

Below are some ideas on how to incorporate Pantone color into your decor

Keep It Cozy:

Because Classic Blue is a deep, dark hue, it lends the illusion of depth to small spaces. For this reason, it’s the ideal choice for an office or library when your desired vibe is traditional and comfortable. Built-in bookshelves painted blue to create an intimate air in your study or even in an eclectic living room. Try warming up larger spaces with a blue accent wall.

Add a Blue Accent Piece:

Add a Blue Accent Piece
Image by: Flickr

If you want a focal point in the living room, consider a plush couch with clean lines in Classic Blue. In the bedroom, a blue vanity lends the space a rich, eclectic feel. Cabinets, bedding, and artwork can all provide interest to a room through a pop of navy or indigo. Colorful appliances in the kitchen are an unexpected, on-trend choice.

Pick a Patterned Wallpaper:

For vintage-inspired flair, look to wallpaper in shades of dark blue. Some of the most popular patterns now come in an easy-apply peel and stick varieties. Look for modern options like batik and geometric designs, bold florals, color blocking, stripes, and textured patterns. Patterned wallpaper also makes an intriguing accent wall.

Layer in Textiles:

Layer in Textiles
Image by: Pexels

While minimal chic has been in vogue for several years now, the maximalist design is also having a moment. Get the look by playing with different fabrics and materials in your space while incorporating Pantene’s 2020 pick. Think blue area rugs, textiles, throw pillows, and blankets throughout your bedroom or living area. A blue velvet sofa looks chic in industrial-inspired rooms with wood and brick accents.

Create a Spa-Style Bath:

Interior design gurus often use blue as the anchor of a soothing palette. If you want to relax in a bathroom oasis, try pairing Classic Blue with other aquatic shades for a soft yet sophisticated space. This look is also low-commitment if you use the color for items like the bath mat, towels, and shower curtain.

Innovate Your Palette:

Because Classic Blue is neither too warm nor too cool, it almost serves as a neutral. Think of it as the perfect pair of worn-in jeans, the ones that go with everything in your wardrobe, but for your home. While blue always looks crisp when paired with clean white, that’s just the bare bones of what you can do with this versatile shade. Consider using this deep blue with orange, gold, or copper accents for a modern twist on a neoclassical palette. Golden yellow and cobalt blue are a classic Art Deco combination for a retro but contemporary feel. Leafy green and terra cotta look earthy and nature-inspired.

An experienced interior designer Santa Barbara can help you bring the blues to life in your home. If you’re inspired by the selection of Classic Blue, use this list as inspiration for a new year refresh.

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