“Itchy scalp and white flakes” Do these phrases make you cringe in remembrance of dandruff on your scalp? Do you spend a lot of time scratching away at your scalp? If you do, then you’ve come to the right place. Dandruff is a common issue and there a several causes of dandruff that lots of people deal with. Statistics show that it affects more than half of the adult population. It is at its peak with infants below three months and adults between the ages of 20 and 60.

Dandruff can be a very uncomfortable and embarrassing problem to have. The itching alone can keep you unsettled for hours. To make matters worse, going to the salon can be very stressful and uncomfortable, which is not the way we should be feeling on a day at the salon! 

Causes of Dandruff

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Dandruff, which is one of the most recurring skin diseases, is caused by several factors. These things can include a deficient diet, default shampoo routines, and allergies. For some, they suffer dandruff because they have dry skin or too oily skin that gets irritated easily. But others are reacting to the natural hair fungus found on the scalp. The fungus irritates their scalp causing more skin cells to grow. So when those skin cells die, they form that flaky white crust on the scalp.

For most people, dandruff is a rare occurrence, coming once in a while. But it disappears quickly if you apply the right treatment. For others, dandruff is a constant problem. This type of recurring dandruff can be frustrating, especially when you have treated it with several remedies to no avail.

✯ The Dandruff Shampoo That Will Finally Make a Difference:

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There are several grounds why you need a good dandruff shampoo but let’s start with the obvious. You need a powerful dandruff shampoo to end your long term relationship with dandruff. If you have tried everything without any results, then you’re at the right place.

At Kamedis, they have a long-lasting solution that is not only proven but provides long-lasting effects. Their products are the results of many years of research on traditional Chinese botanicals and different conditions of the skin. Kamedis products provide relief and provide your skin with what it needs to remain healthy, balanced, and protected. Kamedis products don’t just work on your skin; they work with your skin.

Also, they make products that provide your skin with a great therapeutic healing experience. They care about your skin, and that’s why all their products offer only balanced natural healing. In turn, it will give a healthy exterior to your skin. After years of research and trials, Kamedis came up with a game-changing product duo to treat your dandruff. The line is called Dandruff CONTROL, and it is made up of an Anti-Dandruff Shampoo and leave-in Scalp Lotion.

✯ Dandruff Therapy Shampoo and Lotion:

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Kamedis’Dandruff Therapy Shampoo and Scalp Lotion are known for their long-lasting healing effects. They contain unique ingredients to give your scalp balanced, natural healing. Made with natural Chinese botanicals, the soapberry used provides your scalp with effective relief to itchy, dry, and irritated scalps for a reduction in dandruff by up to 50% in just two weeks. Not only are they proven by science, but they are also free of harsh chemicals or any known side effects for you to have peace of mind while using.

You might ask what makes their dandruff Therapy Shampoo and Scalp Lotion different from the other products you have used.

Here are some significant aspects that stand them apart from all the rest;

  • The products are rich in proven botanicals.
  • The dandruff shampoo and lotion used in tandem have been clinically proven to reduce dandruff by 50% after two weeks of use.
  • Provide long-term relief for itchiness, irritation, and dandruff.
  • Made without any harsh chemicals at all, including parabens, steroids, dyes, SLS, or Tar.
  • It gives you a natural balanced healing experience.
  • It prevents recurring dandruff.

Our dandruff shampoo and lotion products are of top quality. We only guarantee you the very best of traditional botanical-rich products. When used together, it will reduce dandruff within two weeks.

Your skin deserves the best of products made with traditional natural botanicals. At Kamedis, they create skincare products using only the best of nature’s botanicals. Their products are proven by science and recommended by the best dermatologists. Finally, get the skincare solution you’ve been searching for.


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