USA and china tech Trade war

Is Huawei Stealing Customer Information?

The ongoing US and China trade war is now affecting the tech world as well. The economic and trade ties amid China and the US have been progressing rapidly over the past decades. China...
No Pants Subway Ride

No Trousers Tube Ride aka No Pants Subway Ride 2019

The “No Trousers Tube Ride” also knows as "No Pants Subway Ride" is an annual event where people ride the subway and not wearing their pants. However, it's an event that takes place in most...
Samsung Galaxy A9

Samsung Galaxy A9: World’s First Phone With Quad Rear Cameras

Samsung has released its latest Smartphone in the market, the Samsung Galaxy A9. It is the first Smartphone in the world with quad rear cameras. The launching took place in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia during...
New Gmail

Gmail Inbox Is Signing Off – Enjoy Amazing Services in the New Gmail

New Gmail: The Inbox by Gmail is an excellent place for experimenting with various new ideas. This includes the snoozing emails to later and the latest AI-powered experiences, for instance, the Smart Reply, Nudges as...

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