Giving your vehicle a rest and using your bicycles for your daily commute is a great way to explore your city from a different perspective, get some fresh air, and save money on gas. It is a great idea also due to the health benefits it comes offers. You can lose some weight, get fitter, and stronger.

If you are from a city which is known for traffic jam, you can save your time and avoid traffic jam choosing to commute by your bike. However, taking along all your essentials can pose a challenge. You may need to carry the essentials yourself while biking, or your bike needs enough storage options. This is where a bike designed with storage options in mind, such as a white cruiser bike with basket, comes in handy. Read to learn what types of bicycles are best for packing your belongings.

Cruiser Bicycles:

If you plan to stick to paved roads and use your bike for general exercise and short trips around town, a beach cruiser bike with basket may best meet your needs. While cruisers may not be as thrilling to ride or sleek as other types of bikes, they are often heavily padded and place riders in an upright position, taking the strain off the back and allowing for an overall more comfortable ride. Most cruisers include features such as handlebar brakes, a few gear change options, and longer handlebars that allow for multiple hand positions. From taking your towel and a change of clothes with you to the beach to running errands around town, a basket offers a convenient place to store items while you ride.

In addition to offering you storage facility, cruiser bikes are super comfortable with high handlebars and a big cushy seat. You can sit upright and enjoy the sights along the way. If you are a cautious fashion individual, you will love the styles and looks of cruiser bikes. So, all the features and benefits make cruiser bike a fine option to go for when choosing a bicycle for carrying all the necessities.

Hybrid Bicycles:

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A hybrid bike is a great option for riders who need a versatile ride that can handle both streets and unpaved roads when necessary. Most hybrid bikes are designed with the daily commuter in mind. These bikes are very durable and are a competitive option for people who often use their bikes to go to work and other places in town. Unlike cruisers that have very thick tires suitable for use on normal roads, hybrid bikes have tires with a medium thickness that can reliably handle both dirt trails and paved streets. However, they are not a mountain bike and are not designed for extensive off-road use. Padded seats and upright handlebars increase comfort. Many models already come with a rear rack for placing items that can be secured using a cargo net or bungee cord, or you can customize your ride by attaching baskets, water bottle and phone holders, and storage cages.

Hybrid bikes are a combination of road bikes and mountain bikes. If you are looking for the utmost comfort while riding a bicycle, you can expect it from hybrid bikes as the large, padded seats and upright handlebars offer a good comfortable riding position. Be it for errands around the town, short-distance commuting, or for casual riding around the neighborhood or bike paths, you can expect to be satisfied choosing a hybrid bike.

Adult Tricycles:

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For people who struggle to ride a bicycle for any reason or prefer a more comfortable ride, tricycles for adults are an increasingly popular choice. They are easier on the joints and do not require you to balance when riding or at stops. Many tricycles already come equipped with a large basket positioned between the rear two wheels, offering convenient and large storage space for carrying your items.

City Bikes:

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While there is no specific category of bikes that the term “city bikes” refers to, it is quite a common term in use. It is more of a general descriptive term. Many may call these bikes like commuter bikes or urban bikes. While the other bike types mentioned in this article are good for city commuting, the city bike is the exact term one should use when looking for a bike that is the exact fit.

City bikes are made with city commuting needs in mind. They have characteristics of the bike, a cruiser bike, and a hybrid bike. More specifically, it has the wheel size of a hybrid bike and comfortable upright position of a cruiser bike. It comes with some other features that make it more amenable to riding in regular clothes. The skirt guard o rear wheel, chain guard, fenders make it perfect for riding in any outfit you choose to wear to your work. Many city bikes come with baskets in front, allowing you to store your necessities. If you choose any specific city bike design, you may want to customize it a bit to add some storage options.


When buying a new bicycle, consider how and where you intend to use it and what items to bring along with you. By making your ride more comfortable and versatile, you’re sure to find that biking is an enjoyable hobby and practical way to fit some exercise in while getting around town and checking off items on your to-do list.

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