Luxury Cruise Lines Rankings

Over 28 million people took a cruise in 2018, and this number seems to be rising year after year. However, cruising is a big industry; and, not all cruises are created equal. Each cruise offers different perks and a different destination to explore. It leaves us with queries on how to decide which cruise is best for you. While the destination is often going to depend on personal preferences and time of travel, we can tell you a bit about the various cruise lines and what they offer.

Luxury Cruise Lines Rankings

We’ve compiled a shortlist of cruise line rankings in the paragraphs below.

☆ Royal Caribbean International:

Royal Caribbean owes part of its success to its low prices. This is a very large cruising company, with a lot of different ships at its disposal. With each of these ships able to hold over 1,000 guests, they can afford to charge less money per person.

This line offers numerous onboard attractions and over 200 possible destinations. Passengers also have a wide variety of choices when dining aboard the ship. The downside to this line is that its appeal can make the ship crowded, and not everything is included in the cost of the cruise. Certain onboard attractions and drinks cost extra.

☆ Celebrity Cruises:

 Celebrity Cruises Lines
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If you want to set sail across the ocean on a transatlantic cruise, Celebrity might be your best option. It’s an affordable cruise line that’s great for those with children. It offers many activities for children and teens, so you should have no problem keeping them entertained.

Ships range from small sizes to large, with space for nearly 3,000 passengers. The line also offers some great packages to help you get discounts on various items. These are wise investments because of the line, unfortunately, charges for extras as well as a few excursion-related fees.

☆ Norwegian Cruises:

If you’re looking for entertainment, you may want to look into Norwegian Cruises. From live bands to broadway shows, as well as a waterpark and an escape room, Norwegian offers limitless ways to spend your day. Not only that, but a lot of it is free. One of the interesting things about Norwegian Cruise lines is their casual atmosphere. There’s no dress code and no designated meal times.

All these perks add up to give Norwegian 3rd place in our cruise line rankings.
Granted, there are a few amenities that you may need to pay for. Alcohol is especially expensive. However, a soda package will cost less than $10, which is a great deal if you’re fond of soda or need caffeine to keep going some days.

☆ Cruise Line Rankings:

Though there are a lot of cruise line rankings and ranking systems out there, we decided to create our own. Ours is an average based on how the companies did in various fields.
If you want more information about the cruise lines listed or would like to see how others rated them, feel free to do more research on your own.

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